Entrance Fees & Costs Akagera National Park


The Entrance Fees and Costs

In case you are planning to have a

safari in Akagera

, below is what you need to know about the park fees and prices. The park entrance fees are also charged per day per person and some of the prices include;

entrance rwanda

The Akagera Fees for the park guides

  • The guides both freelance and park guides for the self-drive game drives charge $25 for a half day safari game drive and $ 40 for the full day game drives. It’s also advisable to get a guide while carrying out a game drive since they are always knowledgeable of where the animals are. There is also an information center from which you can get help and the guidance about the many park activities and also get advised on the best route to use as you adventure the park.  More so, we advise all the guests on a

    Rwanda safari in Akagera National park

    to spend the whole day in the park for the best rewards as well as wildlife experiences.

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