In case you have your own gear, you can only pay $20 for a permit to fish for the whole day from the shores of Lake Shakani. The hippos also stay in the water during the day as well as the banks of the shores are also gently sloped you can see any crocodile that is approaching before they consume you. This means that there is nothing to worry about as you are fishing.

The Methods of fishing used in Rwanda

  • Hooking

This is also were a hook is used to catch the fish , the lure is fixed on a hook in order to attract the fish and this bait is in form of a worm or it can be an insect and as the fish comes to swallow the bait , its attracted.

  • The Gill nesting

This is also where the fish is caught by their gills with in the net, the net is hang in water held by the floats and weights that carry it down.


  • The Lampara method:

This is where a unit of the three canoes are linked by the two wooden bars, a lamp or a fisher men. It was introduced in Rwanda to catch the Isambaza on Lake Kivu. It is also used at night where the light provided by the lamps attract the fish as it comes, the net is also lifted over them and then caught.

  • The Spearing and shooting method

This is where the arrows, spears and bows are used to catch the fish from the water.

  • The Scoop net method:

This is where a net is held with in the water and is lifted by the fisher men whenever a fish is detected to pass over. It is used together with the light at night to be able to attract the fish to the net.

  • Cast net method.

This is where a circular net is also used and is put in water, spread and then trap the fish below.