About the Game Drives

These are the main


to the park and you can be part of an organized safari with a drier and a guide or you can get more adventurous and then drive yourself in your own vehicle. The EAC /Rwandan registered cars at $7 and $25 or the foreign registered cars plus double for the

safari vehicles

or the buses. By driving yourself, it will be more fun and you will not know where to look for the animals from and this might be more annoying.

rwanda safaris akagera

Luckily, you can also hire a guide to come along with you at only $25 for half day and $40 for a full day and make sure that you leave an extra seat in the car. The

night game drives

are at $40 per person and can be arranged separately from the park.


The tour drives with in the park is the main activity though this national park is small as compared to many other

savannah parks in Africa

. This park is known as a gem of Rwanda. Its landscape is so stunning and you can see many different animals with in a short time. The

wildlife in Akagera

has also increased over time and the recent count is estimated that the park is now a home to over

8000 large animals

.  There is also a new perimeter fence that was completed in 2013 and has made a big positive impact to these numbers.

The lions were re- introduced recently and as such, provide a major boost to the wildlife that you can spot here.

Notwithstanding the size of the park,

Akagera’s wildlife

is so diverse. The beauty can be seen anywhere irrespective of the size and the national park is surely being recognized. Within short time, you will be able to see the giraffes, Impalas, Topis, the Zebras, bush bucks, African swallows, eland, the vervet monkeys, warthogs, baboons, Mongoose, the hippos, the crocodiles, as well as the elephants.  There are over

120 elephants

in the park and the other mammals also include; the fefassa waterbuck, the oribi, reedbucks, the roan antelopes, sable, buffalos and many more. The most fantastic drive from the south to the north in a day will give you many animals to view to be able to keep give you a great adventurous experience as well as the most magnificent views from the top of the mountain across

lake Ihema

towards Tanzania.