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Visit Rwanda for a safari! It’s filled with beautiful scenery and plenty of things to do. Whether you’re looking for something adventurous or relaxing, there is something here for everyone. A land of a thousand hills, Rwanda boasts of the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, the chimpanzee and primates of Nyungwe Forest National Park […]

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Find everything you would like to know about Rwanda gorilla tours,  trekking prices, gorilla permit, safari lodges,  Volcanoes National Park, the best time to visit Rwanda for safaris, gorilla trekking companies in Rwanda and so much more.     3 Day gorilla trekking Africa Fly in Rwanda, Kigali and cross to Uganda for gorilla tracking more […]

Fishing on Lake Ihema

In case you have your own gear, you can only pay $20 for a permit to fish for the whole day from the shores of Lake Shakani. The hippos also stay in the water during the day as well as the banks of the shores are also gently sloped you can see any crocodile that […]

3 Day Safari Akagera National Park Rwanda

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3 Day Wildlife Tour in Akagera National Park Tour overview Akagera National park covers an area of 2500 square kilometers that is covered with savannah as well as beautiful scenery and also represents an African wildlife tour without the crowds and you visit Rwanda and this is park that should not be missed. On your […]

Lions Of Akagera National Park Rwanda

lions of Akagera National Park of Rwanda We also feel that Rwanda is one of the most spectacular and it’s surely a remarkable country on the African continent and unconditionally love travelling there. One of the most extraordinary stories in the gem of a country and is the story of Akagera National park and its […]

Akagera Game Lodge Rwanda

Akagera game lodge has got many rooms including singles, doubles, as well as twin rooms. There are also family as well as executive suites plus the luxury cottages. Each of the rooms has got a private verandah which offers fantastic views that overlook Lake Ihema. The guests can also enjoy the very beautiful sights of […]

Karenge Bush Camp Akagera

Situated in Akagera National Park, the seasonal Karenge Bush camp is also set up two times in the year and removed out, and leaving no trace of its being. Just between this campsite and the lodge is a Karenge and it aims to leave a light footprint on the earth, echoed in the name Karenge […]

Boat Trips & Tours Akagera

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The Boat Trips There are also three pre scheduled boat trips (day, morning and sun set) in order to enjoy the park from water level that is surrounded by the crocodiles, hippos as well as birds. The one hour boat tour costs $40 per person at maximum of 11 people and in case you want […]

Camping in Akagera National Park

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Campsites in Akagera National park There are three campsites that offer basic facilities for the overnight stays with in the park. Muyumbu and Shakani cams are located in the south direction of the park. Muyumbu is located on the ridge that overlooks the lakes in Tanzania with in a distance and has got a spectacular […]

Community Freelance Guides Akagera

About the Community freelance Guides in Akagera In the year 204, Akagera introduced the community freelance guides program me which was aimed to recruit and train the members of the local community to become tourism guides with in the Akagera national park.  Two years later, the guides have amassed great experience in the park, had […]