Entrance Fees & Costs Akagera National Park

The Entrance Fees and Costs

In case you are planning to have a safari in Akagera, below is what you need to know about the park fees and prices. The park entrance fees are also charged per day per person and some of the prices include;


The adults 13 years and above:
Price per person

  • Foreign international visitors –  $ 40 per person
  • For Rwanda/ EA resident– 4 30 Per person’
  • Rwanda / E A nationals – $ 7 per person

Children of 6 to 12 years

  • Foreign international visitors $20 per person
  • Rwanda/ E A Residents- $ 15 per person
  • Rwanda / EA Nationals – $ 3.5 per person

Vehicle Entrance fees

  • Rwanda/ EA registered Motor vehicles/ Minbus – $ 10 per motor Vehicle
  • Rwanda/EA registered Minibus / Buses – $ 20 per vehicle
  • The foreign registered minibus/ Motor vehicles – $ 40 per motor vehicle
  • Foreign registered minibus / Buses- $ 100 per motor vehicle.

The costs and prices of the other activities

  • Night game drive – $40 per adult & $ 25 per child for 2 and half hours
  • Boat trip – $ 35 per person for one hour & $20 per child
  • Sun set boat cruise- $ 45 per adult & $ 30 per child
  • A private boat cruise which is none scheduled- $ 180
  • The behind the scenes tour- $25 per person & $ 15 per child for one and half hours.
  • Community experience -$30 per adult & $20 per child
  • Walk the line(7km) – $30 per adult & $ 20 per child
  • Game drive- $180 half a day operated by AMC & $ 280 for full day

Getting to AkageraThe Akagera Fees for the park guides

  • The guides both freelance and park guides for the self-drive game drives charge $25 for a half day safari game drive and $ 40 for the full day game drives. It’s also advisable to get a guide while carrying out a game drive since they are always knowledgeable of where the animals are. There is also an information center from which you can get help and the guidance about the many park activities and also get advised on the best route to use as you adventure the park.  More so, we advise all the guests on a Rwanda safari in Akagera National park to spend the whole day in the park for the best rewards as well as wildlife experiences.
  • The guides that are got from the reception before 9am and then returned to the reception within 5 hours are considered as half day guides. And those picked from the reception after 9am are called full day guides, unless the guide is returned before 12:00 mid-day.
  • The guides that are picked after mid-day will be charged ½ day. , the guides that are picked from the reception and traveling with the visitors through the park exiting from the north will also be charged for a full day activity regardless of the time of exiting the park.
  • In case you want to exist the park from the north with a guide, please drop the guide off at Kayonza and they will then get public transport back to the park.
  • The entry fee inclusive of a self-drive game viewing is also payable by all the day visitors or can be per night guests that stay inside the park.

For example; for 1 night in the park, the fee is payable once and for 2 nights, its payable twice.

  • The entry fees are covered at 3 nights so the guest’s staying longer than 3 nights will pay for the entrance for the 3 nights.
  • The guests that stay outside the park are also considered day visitors and these will be needed to pay the entry fee for each day they enter the park.
  • The children below 5 years of age are free of charge, there are no entry and activities fees to apply. The activity fees are charged at the normal rate for children 6 and above.
  • The residency status must also be confirmed with documentation.
  • The groups of Rwanda nationals of more than 20 people will receive a group discount and will also be charged at 3000 per person.
  • The game drives that are operated by AMC include; driver, vehicle, and the guide. You must pick up locations in the park only.
  • The night game drives always begin at 5:30 pm
  • The boat trips are also scheduled at 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:00am, 10: 00 am .4:30 am and the 5:30pm for the sun set tour.
  • The private cruise can also be organized and be charged at a flat rate for the boat, not per person. These can also be booked at non scheduled time.
  • .the annual passes also allow the unlimited access to Akagera for one off payment for 1 year. Single, couple and family passes are also available. The annual pass fee also includes entry and vehicle fee payments and dent include park activities, terms and conditions apply.