Best Rwanda Safari Companies

If you are looking to go on safari in Rwanda, and would like to visit Akagera national park, one of the best ways to have a stress free safari is by hiring a safari company in Rwanda and operating safaris in Kagera to help you plan and make necessary arrangements. Some of the safari companies you can consult for Akagera safaris include:

  1. Insight Safari Holidays
  2. Wild Whispers Africa
  3.  Pamoja Safaris Rwanda
  4. Eco Adventure Safaris
  5. Lets Go Tours Rwanda
  6. Rwanda Safari Africa
  7. Primate Holidays
  8. Roving Gorillas Safaris
  9. Gorilla Safari Consultants
  10. Treks And Safaris
  11. Uganda Rwanda Safari Vacations
  12. African Safari Trails
  13. Africa Runners Company
  14. Select Adventure Safaris
  15. Primate Trekking Safaris Uganda
  16. All Seasons Adventures
  17. Safaris By Jon
  18. Native Africa Tours
  19. Rwanda Safaris Ltd
  20. Gorilla Expeditions

akagera safari companies

About Akagera National Park

Located along Rwanda’s eastern border with Tanzania, and the park covers about 1,1120kms and is one of Africa’s oldest national parks and was gazetted in 1934. The northern side of the park is mostly low lying grassland as well as savannah plains. In the west, there are the rolling hills and valleys of the Rwandan countryside while in the east; the Akagera River feeds into many lakes, marshes as well as the papyrus swamps that establish the eastern and central African largest protected wetland. Therefore, an Akagera safari can be so diverse with many habitants, wildlife as well as birds plus scenery.


This park has got a worried past, with many refugees from Rwanda’s civil wars and returned to lie with in the area in the late 1990s, which led to harming of the environment through cattle grazing and poaching. Subsequently, the government reduced Akagera by half that allowed the new residents to stay in one part and then protecting the other.

To the present, the park id managed in partnership with the conservation organization African parks that have brought it back to life. The new perimeter fences as well as the anti-poaching measures have also made a big difference to its animal populations as well as national park being restored. Even though the wildlife isn’t as much as the other national parks o east Africa, there is also plenty of what to see in Akagera national park plus the beautiful scenery.

Tours to Akagera National Park

This national park takes 2 to 3 hours’ drive rom Kigali and can be visited on a long day trip in case you are short on time. Though game masses are not so high, its exceptionally good park with few of other visitors, and this means that its worth staying for about 2 to 3 days in order to explore. The only entry to the park is via Kiyonza gate in the south and it’s close to the park headquarters and considered to be Akagera’s best lodge. The Nyungwe gate in the north is also currently used for existing the park.